Saturday, July 26, 2008

Something New, #91

This is one of those Something News, where NOT doing Something New is Someting New.

Since the first of the year, the girls and I have been saving change in a coffee can. It was my original intent that with the money we saved, we'd go see the American Girls Place in Chicago. Because I started a new job in February, I forfeited my vacation for the year.

Plus, as of the beginning of June, we only had about $37.00.

So I changed course and suggested we save our change for a day trip to the Big Water Park in North KC.

Then I found out that the admission was about $28 a head, plus $10 for parking, not to mention it would take about a half tank of gas to get there.

So I found another public pool in a suburb much closer that had pretty much everything the Big Water Park had, minus the wave pool and and swim-up bar for adults only. And it was only $5 per person.

When I've shelled out what I would have spent at the Big Water Park, I always feel pressured to get the most for my money and keep everyone moving at a frentic pace to squeeze out all the "fun" I can.

Because I spent a fifth on what I was planning, I sat on my big botto all afternoon and finished one book, and read another.

When the kids wanted something, I just shooed them off by throwing dollar bills and quarters at them and sending them to the snack bar.


See how not doing Something New is Something New?

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