Sunday, July 6, 2008

Something New, #68, #69 & #70

Something New #68
We went to the Fourth of July fireworks in Tulsa with my brother, sister-in-law, their kids, and my kids. It was a great show, and they had a moonbounce set up for the kids, so when my brother pulled a Clark Griswold and made us arrive two and a half hours before the fireworks started and park a mile away, the kids didn't get restless.

I was so exhausted after getting every one up and loaded in the car and driving 4 hours that I went to bed before my kids did. Even with slumber parties, that has never happened.

Something New #69
I noticed that The Big One's legs looked remarkably smooth. I asked her if she had been shaving them, and she admitted she had. I have no problem with this, but did have a problem with her using my razor. Did you know that every time you use a razor, thousands of microscopic bits of flesh are scraped off, and end up in the razor? So I got her her own.

That's one hurdle we've crossed into adolescence.

Something New, #70
I'm old enough to remember the "Energy Crisis" of the mid-seventies. (Although, I realized today that today's increase in gas prices and the "Energy Crisis both happened under Republican administrations. Coincidence? I think not. Just the Good 'Ol Boy Network at work. But that's another blog...)

So on the drive back from Oklahoma, I made the conscientious effort to use the cruise control the entire trip. I have, of course, used cruise control, but usually forget to turn it back on after I have to slow down through the small town speed traps, or for the rural drivers who HAVE TO COME TO A FULL AND COMPLETE STOP TO MAKE A RIGHT-HAND TURN.

I set it for 77, and I used just under a half a tank. It's a 236+ mile trip, and it usually takes about 5/8ths of a tank, so I figured I saved at least a gallon and a half or two of gas.

Every little bit helps and please vote Obama!

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