Thursday, July 17, 2008

Something New, #81

With my winnings from the armoire contest, I decided to blow my gift card to Home Depot on unnecessary items.

This is a big deal for me.

Since I'm pulled so tight financially, I initially thought I'd get practical things, like cleaning supplies, fluorescent light bulbs, home repair supplies, etc. I feel that any windfall needs to go to cover basic needs.

Instead, I bought plants.

I have absolutely no luck with plants. The only thing I have managed to successfully grow is English ivy. However, since we live in the 'burbs, there is some peer pressure to keep a landscaped house.

I have learned to buy only perennials, even though I've killed most of them. The Big One went with me, and I pulled a hydrangea plant off the bargain table. It looked a little sickly, kind of yellowish with some brown leaves. I asked her what she thought.

"It doesn't matter, Mom, you'll kill it anyway."

So I did another Something New, and instead of settling for the cheapest thing, bought something a step up.

I have it programmed into my DNA to always buy the least expensive. I don't know if this is a result of my upbringing or from living with The Ex. My parents are frugal, but don't buy junk. I had to learn to be cheap, living with The Ex.

Which goes back to my theory that all of mine and the world's problems can be blamed on The Ex. It keeps things tidy and consistent.

Anyway, I got the plants into the ground, and am committed on keeping them alive.

We'll see if they survive the summer and come back next year.

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