Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Something New, #72

I made it through a day without yelling at or nagging my kids.

Granted, I work full-time and are away from them for about 9 hours a day, but it usually starts first thing in the morning, when I'm trying to get them out of the house.

So, when the pool bag wasn't ready to go to the sitters, (the pool bag they are supposed to have packed the night before), instead of "Why wasn't this done?! It was supposed to have been done last night!", it was "Oh, I guess you'll just have to sit out while the other kids swim."

They had their pool things ready in about a minute.

Now I know as well as anyone that yelling and nagging don't work. It's just with so much on my plate, it's a habit.

And anyone can break a habit, right?

Wish me luck.

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