Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Something New, #76

We had our annual weekend with my cool friend, Linda (hereinafter, CFL).

Her family owns an awesome home at Lake of the Ozarks. Actually, it's nicer than the house I live in. They have all the bells and whistles, too. Two boats, two jetskis and a great dock for laying out or for the kids to swim off.

We've gone down four times now, and I feel so lucky to be able to go. Because of all the financial stress The Ex put on me, it's impossible for me to take the girls on a "real" vacation. Sometimes I feel like the Dashwood or Steele sisters, in that I'd have no society, if not for my more affluent friends.

There were fifteen total this trip, 5 of whom were adults. The great thing about that is that we didn't have to count heads so much. In fact, instead of feeling like I had to stay in the great room that evening and hang out, my Something New is that I went up to my room and read.

Hard not to feel obligated to stay up and visit or watch my kids, but they had enough adult supervision, and are old enough to get themselves to bed without being told.

And I had a reading time longer than 15 minutes.

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