Thursday, July 3, 2008

Something New, #67

Last month, the newspaper here did an article on how to recycle television armoires, since they are becoming obsolete because of flat panels TVs. They also posted a contest of readers sending in sketches of other ideas of how to refit armoires.

I'd never entered a newspaper contest and sent in 2 sketches.

I WON! $50 to Home Depot.

I do have to add, though, mine were the only entries. Still $50 to Home Depot will buy a bunch of plants for my yard.

I do have to add the anecdote I have about TV armoires.

The Ex and I were shopping at a chi-chi antique store on Lower Greenville in Dallas about 15 years ago, when this ultra-yuppie couple comes in and tells the salesperson they want to look at "antique entertainment centers."

I'm guessing those would have been the "antique entertainment centers" that Fred Flinstone used.

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