Monday, July 7, 2008

Something New, #71

Sit, Ubu, Sit
The Neurotic Dog is not the best trained animal in the world.

I know that it's mostly my fault, as I don't have the time or patience to train her. We took obedience classes, but didn't quite finish, because she kept trying to eat the other dogs. She's never met a child she didn't like, but is hopeless with other dogs, no matter how many times I pop her collar like I was taught, and give the command "Leave It!" whenever she goes after another dog. I just write it off to her past history that we don't know.

However, I just might have taught her a command.

Now that it's hotter when we walk, I'll lead her to the water fountain to get a drink. Tonight when I asked her, "Do you want a drink?", she pulled over and led me to the water fountain. I tried it from different points in the park, and she led me over to the water fountain every time.

Maybe I'll work on "sit" tomorrow.

Pavlov and Cesar would be so proud.

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