Thursday, July 10, 2008

Something New, #74

Since I started walking 2 miles on my lunch hour three weeks ago, I've lost 2 pounds. That's really good, but the problem is, it's now summertime in the KC area, where the humidity is usually 60-70%. The past few days, after my walk, I haven't' been the most pleasant person to be around.

So I tried bringing a change of clothes to work to walk in and a washcloth. Since I only get 45 minutes for lunch, I generally gobble down my lunch and walk for 30 minutes. I had to gobble extra fast today to allow for a costume change and spit bath.

I did feel fresher today.

Fortunately, the office where I work only has 10 people in it. Today, we were three, and I don't really sit close to anyone or have to come in contact with customers, so I'm probably not offensive to that many people. Just self-conscious about it.

I also noticed today how much I like the wildflowers in the field where I walk. So I pulled up a couple of handfuls of Queen Anne's Lace and thistles and put them in a coffee can with water and took them home.

It wasn't until I got home and got them planted and looked up online how to care for them that they are considered invasive weeds.

I don't consider them weeds. I prefer to consider them free perennials.

Maybe these are plants I can actually grow.

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