Friday, January 30, 2009

Something New, #271

Today was Pajama Day at The Little One's school.

Since I always feel like as a single mom, I'm being more harshly scrutinized as far as my children's appearance in concerned. It makes me nuts if their hair is a mess or they have stains on their clothes. I guess I have to prove to the world that they are being well cared for. So for previous Pajama Days, I've actually either gone out and purchased pajamas that they couldn't wear to school until after Pajama Day or washed, mended and IRONED a newer set.

I was too tired to deal with either last night, so just let The Little One pick out some that looked clean, had no rips and covered her up.

I even let her sleep in them and just get up and put on shoes and socks.

It saved us 10 minutes this morning.

I heart Pajama Day.

I may even toy with the idea of getting her fully dressed at night after her shower, letting her sleep in her clothes, then spraying her down with fabric softener to get the wrinkles out.

10 minutes is 10 minutes, after all.

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