Friday, January 16, 2009

Something New #256

Take Your Daughter To Work Day

Since The Little One was banned from school for 24 hours and wasn't really sick, I took her to work with me. She packed up her crayons, books and portable DVD player and as instructed, stayed very quiet. Her dad came and picked her up mid-afternoon, so it went well.

But this is just another problem faced by single parents. I can see where the school would have a "no diarrhea" policy, but she wasn't really sick, just a little OD'd on Thin Mints. I can sympathize with the the school nurse who sees the kids who were sent to school, obviously sick, and think it's irresponsible of parents to knowingly send a sick kid to school. When I worked at the pediatrician's office, I couldn't believe the measures some parents took to keep their kids at school. I swear, I got a call from a mom who wanted to make an after school appointment because her kid had strep. I asked, "You mean he's at school now? With possible strep?" I should have told her to get his ass in the office right away, but HR would have frowned on that.

But she's fine now, and has learned her lesson about pacing herself on the Thin Mints. After all, they're only around once a year, you have to spread them out.

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