Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Something New, #250

I rarely have extended time off from work, and when I do, I feel obligated to visit my family. I was fortunate enough to get 5 days off over the holiday, and chose to stay home instead.

I have not had 5 days off in a row, with my kids at home in over 5 years. Whenever I do get time off at home (most people call these "weekends", but when you work as many odd jobs as I do, I call them "just another day") I have a long to-do list and spend most of my time frantically trying to complete projects and keep up with the house. I also spend a lot of my time nagging my kids, because they don't keep up with their chores during the week (the chore chart was a huge failure) and therefore, I end up doing their chores.

But this time, I paced myself. I managed to get everything done that I needed and wanted to, AND did it without nagging my kids to the bone. I just need to realize that if it doesn't get done, who the fuck cares.


Keri said...

Don't do the kids chores!! I say that .... but I cleaned my littlest ones room a couple days ago....
we are a bit fanatic, huh?

Layne said...

That's actually my threat - IF YOU DON'T CLEAN YOUR ROOM, I WILL! I clean it with a garbage bag.