Saturday, January 3, 2009

Something New, #248

A few months ago a dog/car wash opened near our house. Since it had been about a month and a half since The Neurotic Dog had her "spa treatment," she was pretty stinky so the girls and I loaded her in the car and took her for a bath.

The dog wash had sinks set up with ramps so the dogs could walk up and were counter level. There was a nice set up just like at the car wash, where you put your money in the machine and selected what function you wanted. Wash, conditioner, skunk treatment, rinse, fragrance and my favorite, the vac-dry. That was a shop-vac with a nozzle like a diffuser for a hair dryer, and you could just vacuum your dog dry.

She didn't like getting up in the sink, and it took a couple of tries, but she didn't try to jump out. Since she hates the vacuum at home, I thought she'd freak out over the vac-dry, but took it pretty well. She smells great now, and is much softer and shinier.


Keri said...

That cracks me up! I've never seen anything like that! Did you see the rock my dog ate? Very expensive. We'll be paying on it for a longggggg time!

Layne said...

Jessie only tries to eat small, female dogs. Can't figure it out. Must be an alpha dog thing. She's great with kids and big male dogs.