Thursday, January 8, 2009

Something New, #252

Several months ago I purchased some prayer flags and hung them in my front tree. The directions on the bag instructed to burn them when it came time to dispose of them. My were looking pretty ratty, so I burned them up in a coffee can on my driveway.

I thought they'd blaze up and burn out pretty fast, but it took a good 20 minutes for them to burn out. This meant that I had to watch them because I need to do Something New, but burning down the house is not a choice. It was really hard for me to just sit and do nothing for 20 minutes. I kept fighting the urge to go back into the house and do the dishes, or vacuum, or bathe a kid but didn't. I just sat there and watched the flames.

Maybe that's the point of burning them. To just sit and be still for 20 minutes.

I'm not sure what to do with the ashes. Maybe I'll scatter them in the flower bed and then I'll get some new flags in the spring.

1 comment:

Keri said...

we are so alike!!! it would have killed me not to be multi-tasking.