Thursday, January 1, 2009

Something New, #245

Seems like most of my Something News deal with technology. I'm not a techo-phobe, just lazy.

I downloaded a whole CD onto my new fancy-schmancy MP3 player that has NO USB cord, just pops into the port. BTW, why can't all devices have this feature? I have about a dozen and half USB cords in a basket for various devices. It would be great to have a camera with this little extra.

Anyway, it was an album I'd heard about on Fresh Air, Feed the Animals, by Girl Talk. It had an interesting idea for the download, just pay what you wanted. I paid $2. I know. I'm a broke single mom. Throw me a friggin' bone.

Every track on the album is made almost entirely of sampled music, with a few original vocals thrown in. I can't imagine what their copyright fees were. Now I feel guilty about being cheap.

Anyway, it's an interesting album and will be great for walking the dog.

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