Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Something New, #261

I, along with probably millions of other Americans, watched my first live presidential inauguration.

I queued up early on CNN, and still had to wait for more bandwidth, and watched it with one of my associates at work. It was nice to have someone to share it with. On Talk of the Nation, callers were sharing where they watched it. One man called in that he had watched it while his fiance was getting her first sonogram. The cherry on top was that they figured out the date of conception was election night. He said that if it was a girl, they were seriously thinking of the name Sasha. Then later, Terri Gross had Shepard Fairey on Fresh Air.

Pretty much a perfect day of programming.

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Beverly Biehl said...

I went over to a friend's house, and the four of us were in tears nearly the whole time. It was so moving to be together, since we had periodically lunched our way through the campaign. I'm glad you had someone to share the moment with you!