Saturday, January 24, 2009

Something New, #265

The Little One is just like her father (say that last part through gritted teeth) in the fact that she gets away with just about anything. Seriously, anyone else in the world would be doing time, but not him.

I've tried positive rewards, taking away privileges, and outright bribes, to get her to see that her actions have consequences, but with little affect. It must be some kind of perverse gift from the universe that she gets away with stuff like not turning in homework or losing school library books. She always gets a "Oh, that's OK, just don't do it again."

Seriously, these people are not doing her any favors.

So when she wasn't prepared for dance class by not having her hair up, correct shoes and attire, the teacher scolded her. Her dance teacher has taught for over 30 years and as sweet, kind and cool as they come. All the kids just adore her. Coming from Mrs. S, a scolding had an effect.

I thanked Mrs. S for it, and she totally got it. After all, her Ex is a scumbucket, too, so we have to stick together.

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