Friday, January 16, 2009

Something New, #258

This is my 3rd year as The Little One's Brownie troop's Cookie Mom, and every year, I've sworn it would be the last.

It's really not that hard, but it involves a LOT of bookkeeping, which is NOT one of my gifts. I've managed to get the books balanced the past 2 years, but this year may prove to be different, since I've been introduced to what feels like the world of black market Girl Scout Cookies.

The problem started when one of the mom's gave me her daughter's cookie order after the main order went in. I didn't look at it, but just figured we could make up the numbers from the leftovers of our order.

I was wrong.

Not only were there almost 3 dozen boxes I had to pull out of my botto, she had accepted payment for most of them, so I HAD to find replacements. I cannibalized The Little One's order to fill hers and then had to track down replacements. I called and e-mailed around and managed to find some. I then had to pick them up and pay for them. WITH MY OWN MONEY.

I know I'll be eventually reimbursed, but meanwhile there's a lukewarm check made out to the Girl Scouts with my name on it.

Seriously, my last year.

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