Monday, August 4, 2008

Something New, #97

My BFF since 1975 was in town, so I had to do the host thing and show her the sights of KC. Since it was wicked hot, I figured we'd do something indoors, so I took her and the girls to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

This technically wasn't Something New, but I have to provide a backstory.

When The Little One was about 16 months and The Big One was about six, I took them both to the museum. The Little One was barely walking, and was confined to the stroller, and The Big One is so complacent, she would walk, holding onto the stroller.

Things started to go wrong for us from the beginning.

When we got there, I discovered the museum was under major renovations, and I had to maneuver the stroller and the girls through a maze of corridors, just to get to the elevator. After we finally found the elevator and made our way to the check in desk, the attendant made me put the Cowboy Woody doll The Little One was clutching in her paw, in the basket in the stroller. To this day, I have no idea why. Not a fan of Cowboy Woody, I suppose.

We had to go back through the maze of hallways to get to the elevator that took us to the galleries.

I majored in art, and took enough art history to probably have earned a minor in that, so I'm no hayseed when it comes to museums. I was pushing The Little One through the galleries and explaining the pieces to The Big One.

After visiting a couple of galleries, I noticed that the museum attendants were particularly attentive. In fact, they were so attentive, they were in my personal space. It was extremely annoying and insulting.

I understand that the museum has irreplaceable objects in it, but seriously, had the attendants watched my kids and I interact before they got in my face, they would have seen we were respectful.

I got so frustrated and annoyed and angry, that by the time we got to the last galleries, I would stand in the doorway, and just point to the exhibits, and ask my daughter questions.

I was so steamed when I left, I swore I'd never go back, and I even wrote the museum a letter telling them so and why.

I'm still waiting for a response.

But last year, the museum opened a new wing, and it was really hot(the outside temperature, not the new wing), so I gave it another shot.

Plus, because we parked in the street, it was free.

We all enjoyed the museum, but I did notice the attendants were still hovering. Old habits die hard.

So I guess this Something New is that I saw the new wing, and ate my words.

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