Monday, August 18, 2008

Something New, #113

After I built my new headboard and moved the furniture around, I had to run the cord for the cable under a rug, since I moved the TV to the other side of the room. Right after I did that, I tripped on it with my size nine gunboat feet.

But I knew I would.

I thought moving the outlet for the cable would involve calling the company, taking a half day off work and paying at least a $75 installation fee. But after I looked at the hook-up, I figured out how to do it on my own.

All I had to do was drill a hole in the floor where I wanted the cable to go, disconnect the old cable, move the line from the ceiling in the garage, which is right under my room, thread it through the new hole in the floor, and reconnect it.

I got the hole drilled right the first time (another first, since I always have to redrill) and used a knitting needle and duct tape to pull the cable up from the garage.

After about a half dozen trips up and down the stairs, I had it up and running.

I always feel very empowered when I do projects like this. I've accomplished tasks like de-icing the icemaker water line with a hair dryer, installing light fixtures, replacing the spigot on a water hose, and the one I'm most proud of: replacing the flushie thing in BOTH toilets.

Those are the sort of things that should be taught in the public schools.

BTW, TNG nearly worried herself to death with the new arrangement of the bedroom furniture. She paced and panted half the night, and would NOT get on the bed until I practically picked her up and plopped her on it, so she knew it was the same bed.

Crazy catahoula.

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