Friday, August 15, 2008

Something New, #109

So many Something News!

First day of second grade, and first day of middle school.

Dropping off The Little One at second grade was pretty much the same as it has been for both. She was excited because she got the teacher who has a bunny, Radish in her classroom.

The significant Something New was the first day of middle school. For the past several weeks, every now and then, I'd ask The Big One if she wanted me to walk her into school the first day. This was usually answered with an eye roll and a "No Mom." We were at the stoplight before the school yesterday and I asked her again.

"No Mom."

As we were pulling in the driveway of the school: "I think I'd like you to walk me in."

My baby still needs me.

But as we got to the door, she ran into her BFF, so they decided to go in together.

They wouldn't let me take their photos, so these are the best I got. The Big One is the tall one.
Another Something New, is the TNG woke me at 4:00 AM by barking and when I went downstairs, found she had diarrhea all over the carpet. I pretty much spent the next 2 1/2 hours cleaning up and letting her out. I hated to leave her crated, but she wouldn't go in the basement. I figured if she had more, at least in the basement I could hose it off. When The Ex brought The Little One home at noon, she had left him a big present.

Although, I feel some justice in letting him clean up someone else's sh*t for once.

We did manage to get some Pepto in her, and no more blowouts. I cleaned the carpet with bleach solution when I got home, and now my house smells like a swimming pool. On the upside, my carpets have never been cleaner.

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