Monday, August 25, 2008

Something New, #119

I found a blue caterpillar in the flowerbed, so I thought it would be a nice nature lesson to put it in a jar, and watch is turn into a butterfly.

We brought it in, filled a jar with leaves, twigs and a few drops of water, and punched air holes in the jar lid. The Little One named it Bob.

We checked on Bob to see how he was doing and to take a photo.

Bob was drowned in the few drops of water that were in there.

The Little One insisted he was sleeping and that I should stop poking him with the twig to prove otherwise.

It's probably a good thing. Turns out, after I looked it up online, it was probably a sawfly larvae.

Pretty much a metaphor of my life: I think I'm getting a butterfly, and end up with a grub.

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