Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Something New, #120

When I walked into the house after work, I could hear coming from outside, what I thought was a really loud lawnmower. Turns out, it was a tree service company taking out my back neighbor's tree.

They had already taken off all the branches, and were down to the trunk, which was probably about 12 feet. Four men had hold of a guy line and one had the chainsaw and had cut through the trunk, which was about 3 feet across. I got to the backyard just as they pulled and the whole tree came down. TIMBER!

I cussed at myself, for not having the foresight to grab the camera and film it.

Too bad the tree was taken out, though. A former co-worker said she had to take out the cottonwood tree in her yard because of her son's allergies. Slacker mom that I am, I think I would have kept my kid hopped up on antihistamines 3 weeks of the year, rather than cut down a full-grown healthy tree.

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