Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Something New, #108

That's it, I'm officially going to hell in a handbasket.

I noticed several months ago that one of the houses up my hill was empty. I knew it was a rental, and figured the tenants had moved out, and someone else would be moving in. It sat empty for a couple more months, and the grass started getting really high. Once when I was walking TND, I saw something taped to the front door. It was a notice from the city about how the grass was too high and the owners were subject to a fine. A few days later, I saw one of the neighbors mowing the lawn, then figured maybe he had bought the property.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw another notice taped to the door. This one stated that as of a certain date, all unclaimed contents of the house would be seized. Dave-man, another neighbor, was out in his yard, so I asked if he knew anything about it. Turns out, the owner is in foreclosure, and apparently, the renters had to get out quick. He said they left several Little Tyke toys in the backyard, and when the city first came, they put everything on the curb, and another neighbor took it for his little kids.

So there were still some belongings left in the yard, namely a large planter and some of those stake-lights that come on at dusk.

I figured since the city would put them on the curb anyway, they would look much better in my yard.

I snuck out after dark, and grabbed them. I feel like I'm keeping them out of a landfill.

My geraniums will look lovely in the planter when I bring them in this winter.

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