Sunday, August 17, 2008

Something New, #112

Since 1991 I have not had a real bed.

I've pretty much slept with my mattress and box springs on the plain metal bed frame that came with the king set I bought with The Ex. I rigged several "headboards" out of art or fabric, but never a real headboard.

When I went to a feng shui seminar a few months ago, I asked one of the speakers about what I could do about not being able to sleep. My bedroom is at the front of the house, which apparently, is the worst place for a bedroom. Since I couldn't move house, she suggested either moving my bed to a different space or closing the bathroom door.

I did start keeping the bathroom door closed, and it does seem to help, but she put the seed of the idea of moving my bedroom furniture around into my head, and I've been wanting to do it ever since.

Problem was, as I had no headboard, if I moved it to the place I wanted, I'd have the bed angled in the corner, and nothing to lean against. I had several idea of how to make a headboard, a la Christopher Lowell, with a hollow-core door, but not the time or energy to carry it out.

Today, The Big One and I went to Nebraska Furniture Mart, and just for fun, I checked out their clearance room. I found a queen footboard, the right size and color for $10.00. I figured for ten bucks, I could make it work.

After several attempts with my crappy power drill, I managed to add extensions on it and get it moved into the corner. It was actually harder to move the furniture around and rip out the remaining carpet under the bed than actually converting the footboard into the headboard.

And did I mention I did this while wearing a sundress and flip-flops? Eat your heart out Hildi.

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