Saturday, June 28, 2008

Something New, #62

Sometimes it's like Wild Kingdom at my house.

The Almost Feral Cat brings us a present about once a week. Three days ago, there was a dead chipmunk in the front hall, that was about half chewed up. One time, I walked into the house to find a perfect baby bunny face looking up at me. About 15 seconds later, The Big One called from the upstairs living room, "Mom, I found the rest of it." One morning, there was an awful smell in the garage. I found out what it was when I stepped on a decapitated bunny. With my bare foot. One night, The Neurotic Dog was barking like crazy, and when I got the flashlight and shined it up on the deck, there was an opossum, STANDING on the deck rail, on one back foot, and reaching up to grab the tree branch above him with a front foot. He had the strangest look on his face that I will never forget. Like he recognized me or something. Not to mention the time I found the world's most pitiful mouse swimming around and around and around in the kitchen sink, in the dishwater I was soaking something in overnight.

So today when both girls were yelling about another bunny in the house, I got the broom and dustpan and figured I had another corpse to deal with.

This one was not quite dead.

It didn't look injured, and there was no blood so I scooped it up in the dustpan and took it outside and placed it under one of the bushes. We left it a little dish of water and I gave the bunny, Sally, as The Little One has christened her, some drops of water from a medicine dropper. The Little One wanted to leave it some carrots, but she settled for celery tops. She's standing with her nose pressed against the back door now, watching it to make sure The Almost Feral Cat doesn't finish her job.

The Circle of Life.

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