Monday, June 16, 2008

Something New, #49

In These Shoes

I'm a big girl. I'm five feet, nine and three quarters inches tall, and my average weight is 154. (Although, I have managed to keep off the 10 pounds I lost 2 years ago, and am holding at a size ten. I have long abandoned the dream of weighing what is says on my driver's license. OK, I have issues with my size. Moving on...)

Anyway, I always wear flats or sneakers. In fact, the last time I owned a pair of heels were the shoes I got married in, in 1993.

Yesterday, I saw a REALLY cute pair of wedges. I remember wedges from the first time around, and owned a really cute pair of Bass ones I wore throughout jr. high. So, I tried them on, and they felt really good in the store. After much internal debate, I bought them, and since I was feeling too cha-cha for words, wore them to the grocery store.

Now I remember WHY I haven't owned a pair of heels in over 15 years. I didn't fall off, but since they were slides, I kept stepping out of them. How the hell did those girls in jr. high wear those Candies?

Anyway, they're going back to the store, and I'm getting a nice pair of flats.

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