Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Something New, #45

Being Julia

One of my favorite TV characters is Julia Sugarbaker, from Designing Women. I loved that she was such a ballsy broad, but in the nicest, most proper way.

The character had a talent of letting you know exactly what she thought and with eloquence and style. She may have left some of her victims in a puddle on the floor, but you always knew where she stood.

I think I channeled some of her today.

I was on my 5th call in about 2 1/2 weeks to an attorney. Every time I've called, the receptionist tells me, "He's on another line. He'll call you back"

I was so frustrated with this attorney's client, that when she gave me the "He's on another line, he'll call you back," I decided that was the last time I'd just leave my name and number.

Instead I said "Oh, thank you. Could you tell him it's in regard to the police report we're filing against his client?"


"Oh, he just hung up, let me get him for you."

"Thank you very much

I'm sure Julia was smiling down on me..."

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