Sunday, June 8, 2008

Something New, #42

Step On It
On the way back from Tulsa to pick up The Big One and The Little One from Grandmother and Puja's, I got stuck behind a truck on the two-lane highway. The trailer was hauling what looked like a giant PVC pipe, about 6 feet high, and what turned out to be the base for a wind turbine.

Cars were backing up behind me, so I knew I'd have to pass. Problem was, it was a REALLY LONG trailer, and it also had escort vehicles in front of it and behind it. If you've ever driven on a two-lane highway in Oklahoma, you'll know that the highways pretty much suck, and I'd be waiting a while for a clear spot.

I finally got a clear spot to pass and FLOORED IT. I mean I really had the pedal to the metal.

The thing is, I drive a hand-me-down 1994 Toyota Corolla wagon, that turned 176,000 miles on this trip. It is not an automobile made for speed.

But I got it up to just over 90 and got around the long, long trailer.

Watch out Danica Patrick.

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