Saturday, November 1, 2008

Something New, #188

I Dumpster Dived for the first time today.

I know this has been something people have been doing for ages. I've never done it, not because I think it's gross or anything, but because I never had the opportunity.

I was picking up a love seat from the consignment furniture store with my Cute Friend Mel, and we noticed there were all these books in the dumpster. There's a Half Price Books next door, so we figured these were titles that just didn't sell. So we helped ourselves. They were all clean and we took about a dozen each.

I think it's a sin to throw a book away, except when they belong to The Ex.


Marc Acito said...

Although I joke about it all the time, dumpster diving is something I've never done.

Hey, it looks like you're halfway home. In some ways, it gets easier from here; in others, more difficult.



waldorf said...

That is so cool you found those books!! Were you at Revival for the furniture? I love that store and have some items for sale there right now...have bought several items too.