Friday, November 7, 2008

Something New, #194

About 6 years ago, I was in the den and heard this awful crash and sound of breaking glass from upstairs. I ran up to discover that The Little One, who was about 2, saying "I didn't do it!" and finding that the light fixture from the upstairs entry hall had fallen. I think I had changed out the light bulb and not screwed the dome in properly.

It had been like that ever since. I tried to buy a replacement dome, but apparently, those are not sold separately. So for 6 years, I've been looking at the bare light bulbs.

Since I've had this week off, I've been working like mad on my Honey Do list, and finally tackled the light fixture. It was a lot easier to replace than I thought. Actually, the most difficult part was gathering up the right tools, and since I had to throw the breaker, get enough light in to see to work.

This is what this exercise is becoming. I didn't fix the light for so long, because I thought either I couldn't or it was too expensive. If I'd known how easy and cheap ($10 for a whole new fixture) it was, I'd have done it when the old one broke. But because I'm looking for something new, gave it a shot.

And the miracle is that I didn't burn down the house while rewiring.

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