Thursday, November 6, 2008

Something New, #193

People say that women tend to turn into their mothers as they get older. While I have found myself doing things that my mother does, like planning a route to avoid left hand turns, (yes, I will actually admit to that), today I found myself turning into my father.

I drove a 12-mile round trip out of my way to save money on gas.

I've never done this, because here in JoCo Kansas, the department of public works loves their traffic lights and it really takes a while to get anywhere with so much stop and go. But I found a station near my old office that is always much lower than the QT that's a half mile from my house. So I made a special trip, just for gas.

It was totally worth it, as it was 10 cents cheaper per gallon at $1.89. So I probably came out ahead as far as time and gas spent.

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