Thursday, November 13, 2008

Something New, #200

Just when I think I've gotten everything up to date in Kansas City, I find out what a dinosaur I am. I used a website to find cheap airfares and book a flight for my boss.

I don't travel much, and can't even remember the last time I flew. Anywhere the girls and I go, we drive, and besides, the thought of flying alone with two kids sounds like the opposite of fun.

My dad worked for American Airlines and when we were growing up, we always had to fly stand by. You know, that's when you stand there and say "Bye" as the plane you were supposed to be on takes off. The Aingell family has a cursed travel history anyway. In 1981, we finally got out after several flights took off without us and got to Hawaii, only to have the air traffic controllers go on strike. I think we stayed about 3 days. I won't even go into our road trip to the Grand Canyon with no air conditioning or how we all got sunburned in San Diego.

Anyway, it was pretty easy to book, but so many choices, I gave up and just settled. Who knows, maybe I'll get brave and actually plan a trip for us.

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