Monday, December 29, 2008

Something New, #243

After reaching a near-coma state after non-stop eating at my mom's house, I had to get a coffee, so The Big One and I headed to McDonalds. After the voice in the box told me that the latte machine was down, and since I was blocked in by vehicles coming and going, I went ahead and ordered a regular coffee, two creams and one sugar. We waited about a good 10 minutes in the drive-thru lane, and The Big One commented "Isn't this the McDonald's we said we'd never come back to, because the service was so slow?"

Her memory is much better than mine.

I finally got my order, took a sip, and noticed it smelled funny. NOT coffee with two creams and one sugar but TEA with two creams and one sugar. If I were really going to do Something New, I would have taken it back and got the order corrected, but we'd already waited too long, and so I tried hot tea with two creams and a sugar.

Not bad, but it wasn't COFFEE.

But I did recently go over my bank statements, and found that WAY too much money was bleeding out of my bank account through the drive-thrus. So it was also a reminder that I could have and should have, made coffee at home.

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Keri said...

I totally watch too much $ go to eating out. We just like any other food better then mine!!

btw, i take 2 creams and 1 sweet and low! love my coffee!