Sunday, December 28, 2008

Something New, #242

This may tie-in with watching CMT for the first time, but is just a coincidence. I saw my first live bluegrass band.

I was in OK and out with a couple of girlfriends from high school, and one of them suggested doing this, mainly because there was no cover charge.

The bar was really cool, and best of all, NO SMOKING! The band was good, at least I think so, having nothing to compare it to. My brother used to play banjo for an Irish group, but I don't think that counts as bluegrass. The slide guitarist looked a lot like Hyde from That 70s Show and we did notice a preponderance of full beards. Since in the KC area, the going look for most men is goatees and shaved heads, I couldn't figure out if this was a Tulsa trend, a bluegrass band fan trend, or just a trend. I thought the crowd mostly looked like the all the guys I went to summer camp with in the late 70s and early 80s.

Before we went to see the band, we popped into a piano bar, that did allow smoking, and I did another Something New. The owner came over to us, because we were the cutest girls there of course, and introduced himself before he started playing and asked if we had any requests. I asked him if he knew the theme from "The Patty Duke Show." He didn't so he played "The Joker" instead.

Not even close.

He even got the lyrics wrong. It's POMPATUS, not PROPERTIES, dude!

If you're going to butcher it, at least get the lyrics right.

I'm going to marry the boy that can sing the theme from "The Patty Duke Show." That is, if he's straight.

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