Thursday, December 18, 2008

Something New, #234

Because my boss has been out sick for a week, business is slow because of the holidays and there is a winter storm advisory, work has been slow. Really slow. Painfully slow. Excruciatingly slow.

So I upped my stock as a professional slacker and used my free time constructively by taking advantage of's feature of free movies and television shows.

Hey, it beats spending money online.

I'm all caught up on ER and CSI.

I knew Sam and Gates would break up and that Grissom would leave.


Keri said...

I caught up on the closer today while ironing.

btw....i just picked pride & prejudice for my bookclub. i noticed that it is one of your favs. i never read jane austin. i'm intimidated...should i be?

Layne said...

NO! Just read it slowly! My oldest had read all the Twilight books and I had to explain to her that if her were human, Edward would be a bad boyfriend and Bella is really boring. She had to read P & P for school, and it opened up a good dialogue about fictional heroines. I'm going to get her to try Jane Eyre, too.