Friday, December 19, 2008

Something New, #235

Because I grew up in a frugal household, and have really never had a lot to spend on luxuries, the only time I was into clothing "labels" was in high school. Even then, I only had 2 Ralph Lauren shirts, one Izod, one pair of Gloria Vanderbuilt jeans and 3 pair of Levis. Maybe some Nikes, but most of my clothing has been of the generic kind. My mother even made my wedding dress, and I think it cost around $75.00. So even though I dress pretty currently (at least I think so) I've never been one to spend money on clothes.

I have passed this trait onto The Big One.

Last week, as I was picking her up from study group, the girls in the group were putting their boots back on. One girl was bragging on her new Uggs, "that cost $130.00." My kid held up her foot, donned in the Target knock-offs, and said "These were only $20.00. Can you tell the difference?"

A moment to make any mother proud.

So today, I thought I'd try on her $20.00 knock-offs, just to see if I liked the style. Keep in mind, The Big One is 5' 4" and weighs 85 pounds, and wears a shoe a whole size smaller than me. I'm 5' 9 and 3/4" and 150+, so I was surprised when they fit. So I borrowed them.

I'm thinking in a couple of years, we both may be able to expand our wardrobes. For free.

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Keri said...

Good for you! My oldest is starting to raid my closet every morning.....but she is too small for ME to fit HER stuff! Except, her feet. Mine are size 6 and she is already size 8! (Hope she grows into them.)