Sunday, December 7, 2008

Something New, #223

After my triumph in installing the ceiling fixture, I decided to tackle the light fixture in The Big One's closet. It's one of those light bulb fixtures that turns on when you pull a chain, and it's been broken for about 6 years. I attribute part of the chaos in her closet to the fact that you can't see a damn thing in it.

After I got it all pulled out, I figured out I had to replace the whole thing. I decided to put that off for another day, so I started to put it all back together.
It's much easier to remove screws from a ceiling fixture that to replace them.

I must have dropped the screw about a dozen times. Up and down the stepladder about a dozen times. "F***ing Goddam Screw!" about a dozen times. I finally figured out I could use a piece of the ever-versatile duct tape to hold it in place while I got the screw back in the pilot holes.

This just may qualify me for a MENSA membership.

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