Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Something New, #239

I woke up with my annual cold/sinus infection, that I usually don't get until the end of February. I self-medicated as usual with just about every over the counter pill I had in the house, and when I still couldn't sleep, decided to try the advice I received in a recent email.

"Rub Vicks ointment on the bottoms of your feet to ease cold symptoms."

I learned that this doesn't work, but does give your feet a nice tingly sensation. I also learned that a medium size jar of Vicks costs over $7.00 at the grocery store. I could have bought two boxes of generic sinus-headache remedy for that.

I received another email that putting hydrogen peroxide in the ears will also ease symptoms. If I manage it out in the snow, ice and snot today, I'll pick up a bottle and try it out. I figure at least hydrogen peroxide is cheap, and I can use it to clean, too.

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