Saturday, December 13, 2008

Something New, #228

When we got The Neurotic Dog 2 1/2 years ago, she peed on the carpet. A lot. Especially in the upstairs living room. That inspired me to rip up all the carpet to the hardwood floor underneath. Talk about an instant makeover. I don't think the hardwood floors in this house had ever been exposed. Since then, I've ripped up all the carpet, except for in The Big One's room. She has issues with change, but has said she'd let me when she turned 14. Good thing, because the carpet in there is really nasty.

Anyway, since the floors were in such good shape, all I've done for maintenance on them is vacuuming and the occasional mop down with Murphy's Oil Soap. But they looked a little dingy, so I tried putting an old towel on my Swiffer mop and sprayed that down with Lemon Pledge and gave the floors a once over.

They look great, but are now slicker than snot.

On the upside, I can now perfect my Tom Cruise impersonation.

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