Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Something New, #225

When I lost my job in October, The Ex offered to up the child support. This was a bolt from the blue as he only pays $360.00 per month now and it took me a year and a half of going to court to start collecting that when we separated 4 years ago.

I figured out that $360.00 per month for two children, works out to 50 cents per hour for two children.

Yep. He's so out of touch he thought that $12.00 per day to feed, clothe, and shelter two children was about right.

So when this came out of left field, I immediately filled out the paperwork and filed it at the county courthouse. In Kansas, everything has to be done through the courts, so there's a record and also so that the agreements will be enforced. I also had to schedule a hearing, that was supposed to be heard today. But, because of the weather, we got to call it in. It took about 3 minutes, and now I'll have enough every month for those extravagant extras like electricity, water, heating and cooling.

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