Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Something New, #184

OK, here's another Something New that is kind of stupid, but made me think about something differently.

When I sort the laundry, I have a basket I throw all the orphan socks into, hoping I'll eventually match them up. Today I realized, that some of these orphans have been in there for years, so I did something BOLD.

I threw them away.

Now I know that's not major, but I was raised not to throw anything that might still be useful away. My parents were born right after the Great Depression, so grew up frugally, and passed that on to us.

The thing is, we have plenty of PAIRS of socks, and even if we didn't, socks ARE something affordable. I just find myself hanging onto stuff out of habit.

Today the orphan socks. Tomorrow the 2 foot pile of rags under my kitchen sink.

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