Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rest in Peace, Doc Holliday

Tonight, when I was walking TND, I saw TCGIBS42Ys walking alone. I asked him where his buddy, Doc, was and he gave me the awful news that Doc had died over the weekend.

Apparently, they had gone on their annual pheasant hunting trip to South Dakota, and he caught some shot in a freak accident. TCGIBS42Ys actually thought Doc had had an aneurysm or something, because he didn't seem to have anything but superficial wounds, but after he took him to the vet back here, they found the bullet that had worked its way into a main artery. He died in TCGIBS42Ys' arms.

Doc was a flat coat retriever and one of the sweetest dogs I've ever known. He played so well with TND, and my favorite trick of his was when he'd grab TND's leash in his mouth and then pull her around. He was sweet with the girls and let The Little One climb all over him.

I feel so bad for TCGIBS42s and know he will now have this hole in his life. It was so sad seeing him walking alone. He did say that at least Doc died doing what he loved and in the place he loved best in the world.
I miss him already.

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