Saturday, October 18, 2008

Something New, #173

I took The Big One and The Little One to a Barack Obama rally, along with my neighbor, her daughter and my cute friend Jennifer.

It was held at the Liberty Memorial and so far, the estimates are the attendance was in the 80,000 range. Best behaved crowd I've ever been in.

I didn't actually see or hear well, but did catch glimpse or two, and got goosebumps. There was a helicopter that kept circling overhead and made it really difficult to hear. At one point my CFJ screamed out at one of the warm-up speakers, "We WANT to believe you, but we can't hear you!" Truly a sitcom moment.
I'm not sure if the girls understand the significance of this or remember it, but my grandmother made a trip to DC when she was six with her grandfather, and shook Teddy Roosevelt's hand. She didn't remember much else about that trip, but did remember he asked "How are you today, little lady?" At least they can say they were there.
It was a long wait, but I'm so glad I went. I felt like I was watching history in the making.

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