Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Something New, #8 & #9

Having been laid up with the pukes for 48 hours, I have to admit that yesterday I did nothing new, or nothing new happened, unless I count going to the grocery store while still ill and not throwing up. But I HAD to go, as there was nothing in the house but a box of Hamburger Helper, and not even any hamburger to go with it.

Today, however I did several new things. I had to go to Pittsburgh and Ft. Scott, Kansas, to check out a couple of properties our firm is selling. So doing a slap and dash inventory of a home counts as one. This home was a MESS, so slap and dash was about all I could take. Then after, when we talked to the realtor, a really cool thing happened. I went with 2 attorneys from the firm, but while we were talking, several times deferred the questions to me, and I could actually answer or give my opinion and the other grown ups agreed with me. This doesn't happen to me very often. Maybe it's because I spend most of my time with people under the age of 12, or because I've always worked in "support" positions. Anyway, it was a bit disarming to be treated like a grown up. And it only took 44 years...

On the way down south, since I was still feeling queasy with what now I think may have been ebola, and not the stomach flu, I bought a bottle of red Gatorade and managed to spill it on my yellow shirt. NOT a grown up thing to do. My boss and I stopped at Wal-Mart in Ft. Scott to get snacks and she said, "Hey, just buy a new shirt." So I did, WITHOUT going first to the clearance rack or checking the price. Just pulled one off the rack that didn't need ironing and bought it. I ALWAYS go to the clearance racks first, and now, so do my kids. The only place I'll ever be able to do that will be Wal-Mart, but still, I was doing Something Different.

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