Friday, May 2, 2008

Something New, #5

Hanging Around

OK, technically, this wasn't something new, but it was something I hadn't done in about 30 years. We installed a circular swing on the sweetgum tree in the backyard and all took turns. My grandmother and I made one like this at her house in Eufaula, Oklahoma about 35 years ago. She cut the seat from a piece of scrap lumber, and hammered out the knothole for the rope to go through. At the time, she was probably in her late 60s, and she hung it up in the pecan tree in her backyard. I used to stand on top of a 6 foot ladder, hold onto the rope and jump off and then onto the swing.

Never in a million years would I let my own kids do that.

Anyway, it did remind me that adults should play on the swings more. And also skip.

And notice that while it is May 2nd, I am STILL wearing a sweatshirt.

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