Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Something New, #30

Victoria's Secret
Today I bought a bra off the clearance rack, WITHOUT TRYING IT ON FIRST and IT FIT! And it's actually almost comfortable.

THAT will never happen again in a million years. Ask any woman.

Of course, since it was on the clearance rack in the first place, means the style is being discontinued.

I should have bought two.

As an aside as a Brain Twinkle, several years ago I either was insane or brave and took both The Big One and The Little One with me as I was shopping for bras. The Big One was about four, and The Little One was about 3 months old. (Hence the need for new bras.) Christmas was a couple of months later, and The Ex asked The Big One what she thought Mommy wanted for Christmas.

She said, "She wants one of those things she puts her things in."

He said, "You mean a backpack?"

I guess technically, they should be call frontpacks.

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