Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Something New, #16

The Naked Truth

When I go to work out, I always change in the bathroom stalls, not in front of everyone in the locker room. Never was one of those gals that could just strip down nekkid in front of strangers. It's a miracle I ever took a shower at summer camp, in the open shower room.

So when I worked out tonight, I changed in the locker room. Granted, I did not present the Full Monty (or Monica, I guess), but strangers did see me in my bra and panties. And, wouldn't you know, as I was getting changed, I saw a mom from The Big One's old preschool. I ducked behind the wall, so she didn't go blind at the sight of me.

Actually, it was a little easier to get changed with more room, and a bench to set my belongings on and sit down and tie my shoes. If I plan ahead, I could wear my sports bra to work, and make this a regular thing.

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