Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Something New, #10

You Gotta Work It, Girl

Several months ago, I saw Valerie Bertinelli on Oprah. She was praising the virtues of a product called the Walk Vest. The idea is you wear a weighted vest while you walk, and it tricks the body into thinking it weighs more, and therefore the wearer burns off more calories. I looked them up online, and the Walk Vest looked to me like it would burn off $50 faster than it would burn off calories. So I remembered it tonight when I found my old weights from Jazzercise and figured I could make my own Walk Belt.

I velcroed them together, then around my waist. It kind of looked like a bulletproof belt from the 80s. It was pretty comfortable, except I couldn't bend over to pick up the dog's poo very well. I was doing fine, until the whole contraption fell off about a half mile from the house. I then slung it over my shoulder, kind of like a bulletproof serape.

I did work up a sweat, but my shoulder did hurt after. I think if I tweak it, perhaps with the trusty old duct tape and/or hot glue gun, I could come up with my own product to hawk on Oprah.

And for a second Something New, I learned how to add links to this blog. Prepare to click yourselves silly.

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