Sunday, May 25, 2008

Something New, #26

About 4 years ago, I finally got sick enough of my outdated kitchen, and started redoing in myself. I started with paint and beadboard below the chair rail. Last year, my cooktop was down to one burner and only one oven in the double wall oven was working. (Try to cook Thanksgiving dinner with that!) So I just broke down and ripped the cooktop out and got a new range, and kicked the wall oven to the curb. I changed the oven space to the pantry.

But then the cabinet doors looked like sh*t, so I bought new doors on Ebay and painted and installed those.

So then the sink and 45+ year old countertop looked like sh*t, so THOSE had to be replaced. Problem was, I had a hard time finding a "guy" to replace them for me, as I do not have the tools or strength to change that out myself.

I finally found a "guy" and got the last few pieces of the puzzle of my kitchen replaced. And I can say that other than this last installation and rewiring for the range, I did it all myself.

Now after 11 years in this house, I can walk into the room where I spend most of my waking hours and not hate it.

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