Monday, May 5, 2008

Something New, #6 & #7

Since I have been out for the last 24 hours with the pukes/fever/chills etc. I'm combining the last 2 days.

On Saturday, I attended a Feng Shui conference at Unity temple. I also met a new friend, Julie, who is a friend of Bev's, who is an old boyfriend's, Allen's, wife. I did learn the reason I was not sleeping was because my bedroom is facing the street. The consultant suggested I move my bedroom (NOT going to happen) or at least move my bed, close the bathroom door at night and put an octagonal mirror on the bathroom door. Moving my bed would entail getting a headboard and moving the cable hookup, so I'm going to have to just experiment with closing the bathroom door for now.

Since I was laid up in bed ALL day Sunday, The Big One and The Little One took care of me and each other. I can do a parental YESSSSSS knowing that they can take care of themselves enough to prepare two meals, bathe and get themselves ready for bed on their own. Kind of reinforces my parenting philosophy that I'm not trying to raise good children, I'm trying to raise good adults.

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